Shanghai-Marcom Specialist

地点:  中国, Shanghai

类别:  职业人士

职能:  营销与传播


l  Develop marketing communication plan in alignment with BU’s go-to-market strategy, understand target customers and develop activities accordingly

l  Identify and define clear target audience (persona)

l  Identify and develop relevant touch points online and offline (customer journey)

l  Create zero-to-one content that fit customer journey to generate awareness and nurture prospects, and drive content excellence for BU (incl. ecommerce)

l  Work with BU marketing, digital, ecommerce team to develop digital customer experience to generate qualified leads and to engage existing customers, leveraging marketing automation tool.

l  Drive and manage integrated campaigns to support business development of BU

l  Carry out data analysis, and implement data driven decisions for all activities

l  Develop sales tools, such as brochures or digital tools (e.g. APP), together with BU marketing team

l  Execute customer or 3rd-party event, such as tech-days and conferences

l  Stay up-to-date with trends and competitor activities relevant to BU business, share within relevant global and regional teams

l  Establish global exchange in MarCom community


 l  Working experience in: Marketing Communications, marketing, digital (At least 3-5 years)

l  Experience on B2B products/market is preferred

l  Familiar working/using digital channels & activities in order to target customers (e.g. WeChat, website, …)

l  Marketing background

l  Fluent in English and Chinese

l  Good writing skills in Chinese and English

l  Bachelor/Master (in Marketing/MarCom is a plus)


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