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Product Modification and Maintenance (PMM) Engineer

About the role

Plan, design, and conduct research projects according to established scientific methods, principles, and theories to solve problems; and improve, or generate new products, components, equipment, systems, and processes.

What you will do

  • Follow established company QM processes and procedures according to IMS and consider enterprise environmental factors during daily work.
  • Plan, design, and conduct research projects according to established scientific methods, principles, and theories to solve problems; and improve, or generate new tapes, components, equipments, systems, and processes.
  • Being knowledgeable in and continuously apply tesa Standard Test Methods (J0PM);
  • Devising research methods.
  • Setting-up laboratory test equipment.
  • Responsible for at least one standard lab equipment, including setting it up and performing routine maintenance and safety checks to ensure that the equipment is in good working order;
  • Building models and prototypes.
  • Calculating and analyzing test results and preparing detailed reports with recommendations and conclusions.
  • Estimate the costs, resources, and time required to conduct one or more research projects and monitor the performance of these projects to ensure targets are met.
  • Being a project leader/member to ensure good project management of all technical aspects allowing timescales to be set and progress to be monitored closely.
  • Prepare complex calculations, specifications, and other technical documentation so that prototype designs can be manufactured and assembled.
  • Develop and maintain technical expertise on advances and innovations in research and science;
  • An understanding of how to access and use technical information that includes patents, technical papers, trade journal articles etc; research relevant patents, analyze and draft summaries of patent scopes and their impact on research strategies, raw material choice and product design.
  • Organize/coordinate pilot and production trials including trouble-shooting; sample analysis and trial assessment report.
  • Train new team members and interns on operating analytical and/or test equipment and using tesa Standard Test Methods (J0PM);
  • Follow established 6S procedures; maintain a safe, clean, well ordered working environment;
  • Other tasks assigned by superior

What you will need

Educational qualifications

University degree/Bachelor or above in Material Science, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or other relevant fields

Relevant experience

  • More than 4 years experience in related industries such as coatings, adhesive, tape development or other relevant materials science background.
  • Good computing competence (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, etc)
  • Good knowledge of project management skills as a beneficial;

Personal characteristics & behaviour

  • Hands-on attitude;
  • High communication and self-assertion skills;
  • Result and quality orientated work process, priority setting;
  • Flexible, self motivating, good work organizer, team player;
  • Good statistical analysis skill;
  • Good English
  • Willingness to travel;
  • Experienced in internet research

What you can expect

At tesa, we create adhesive solutions that improve the work, products and lives of our customers.

How we do it? At tesa, we dare to create! Therefore, we team up, we challenge ourselves and we set the pace. But we don’t just do that somehow. We act responsibly and always focus on our customers. Because only then we are able to achieve our goals and continuously improve our results.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and regard diversity as important for our long-term success. We expressly reject all forms of direct and indirect discrimination. All qualified applicants will be equally considered for employment regardless of their national origin, background, personal preferences and believes.

By applying you consent for the use of your resume for future opportunities within tesa.

If you want to find out more about tesa please visit us on our corporate web-page www.tesa.com and social media.
  • Attractive salary and bonus (13th month fixed bonus and variable bonus)
  • Annual health check-up and premium healthcare
  • Annual leave entitlement: 14 days per year, one more day each additional year until maximum 24 days per year
  • Great working environment which promotes people values and sustainability.
  • Opportunities for self-development and career advancement

Apply now

Please submit your CV to employment.tSH@tesa.com. Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.

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