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Sales Engineer




  • 完成車メーカーや大手、中小サプライヤーの設計・開発・購買部門をメインの営業先として、お客様の開発スケジュールや潜在ニーズに合わせた製品・ソルーションを提案
  • 新規顧客開拓
  • 技術スタッフ(東京)と協力し、お客様の仕様を満たすための製品の品質試験の実施をサポート


  • 日本語(ネイティブまたはそれに近いレベル)
  • 法人営業経験3年以上
  • 業務での英語使用経験、または英語の読み書きに抵抗がなく今後キャリアアップの為に学習意欲のある方

What you can expect

At tesa, we create adhesive solutions that improve the work, products and lives of our customers.

How we do it? At tesa, we dare to create! Therefore, we team up, we challenge ourselves and we set the pace. But we don’t just do that somehow. We act responsibly and always focus on our customers. Because only then we are able to achieve our goals and continuously improve our results.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and regard diversity as important for our long-term success. We expressly reject all forms of direct and indirect discrimination. All qualified applicants will be equally considered for employment regardless of their national origin, background, personal preferences and believes.

By applying you consent for the use of your resume for future opportunities within tesa.

If you want to find out more about tesa please visit us on our corporate web-page www.tesa.com and social media.