tesafilm® 环保 & 高透明

tesafilm® eco & clear 自粘胶带也是一种环保的选择。

  • 胶带和卷芯由100%再生塑料制成
  • 无溶剂胶粘剂
  • 透明清晰的质量

尺寸: 8 x 33m x 19mm


  • 胶带和卷芯由100%再生塑料制成
  • 无溶剂胶粘剂
  • 透明清晰的质量
  • 在许多表面上近乎不可见
  • 高度耐老化
  • 解卷无声
  • 包装:80%再生纸板
  • 适合所有可用的德莎tesafilm®切割器
  • 再生材质已由TÜV Rheinland(德国技术控制委员会)所属的独立认证机构DIN CERTCO(德国标准学会认证中心)批准。


tesafilm® eco & clear是一款将环保和优质相结合的独特自粘胶带。其不仅不含聚氯乙烯和任何溶剂。也是由100%再生塑料制成的,结合了一个由80%再生纸板制成的卷芯和包装。这种透明自粘胶带具有强粘接力和高抗紫外线的特点性。tesaffilm eco & clear在许多表面上几乎隐形,对其进行解卷时噪音很低,且与tesafilm®手动或台式胶带切割器相匹配。


tesafilm® eco & clear is a unique self-adhesive tape conforming to the standards of an environment-conscios world. Being part of the ecoLogo® range of products from tesa® it combines sustainability with eco-friendliness. It is an outstanding transparent tape made from recycled materials for reliable and highly age-resistant adhesion.

The result of responsible recycling

The transparent film of tesafilm® eco & clear is made of 100% recycled Polypropylene and therefore free from any PVC. The same is true of the plastic core which is also made from 100% recycled plastics. The adhesive coating is based on a solvent-free formula. The packaging of the tape are made from 80% recycled cardboard.

A clear sticky tape for unobrusive bonding

Due to its transparent surface, tesafilm® eco & clear remains virtually invisible on many surfaces. This makes it an elegant self-adhesive tape for home and business use. It is a sustainable alternative for hobby, crafting and decoration, offering excellent qualtities for visually demanding jobs, such as sealing parcels or wrapping gifts. Also it is a silent unwinding tape.

Ecology meets durability

The adhesive coating of tesafilm® eco & clear not ony guarantees strong bonding power. It also offers high resistance against UV light and aging. Such qualities translate into a premium-quality self-adhesive tape that combines environment-friendly pcharacteristics with durability and long-term reliability.

Added comfort and convenience

For added convenience, tesafilm® eco & clear unwinds absolutely silently. You also can use it with any of the tesafilm® hand or desk dispenser for added convenience and easy application.